The train from nowhere to nowhere we wanted to go


Yesterday I reported on how the Onehunga line is re-opening but there is no Onehunga station as a concrete decision on an Onehunga railway station remains clouded.

NEWMARKET: Busy with this re-development and a new platform

NEWMARKET: Busy with this re-development and a new platform

Reader Joshua pointed out that the even more disturbing fact is that the Onehunga train will only go as far as Newmarket which is ridiculous.

The new Newmarket station is supposedly opening sometime next year so why on earth should that be the stopping place for the Onehunga service with Britomart only 10 minutes away from there?

So much for the dreams of Onehunga people thinking they could get a train easily into the central city. No they will have to get out at Newmarket and make a connection from there.

Even more frustrating is for people who work in the city and have to face two trips home - a train trip to Newmarket then wait for one to Onehunga.

Quite frankly it’s easy to get a Stagecoach bus to Onehunga which runs about 10 minutes during night rush hour so why bother with a train service?.

Labour’s original announcement from then Finance minister Michael Cullen’s office made no mention of this nonsense.

The crowing Labour  government statement , in March 2007, said:
Local Labour MPs Phil Goff and Mark Gosche also welcomed the decision.
“We have supported this for some time so it’s great news. The upgrade will greatly improve access to public transport for thousands of our constituents and take pressure off already busy roads,” they said.

First no station here at Onehunga, then news it goes only to newmarket!

First no station here at Onehunga, then news it goes only to newmarket!

It’s hard to imagine how thousands of Onehungaites will put up with this.

Cullen’s statement read:

Passenger and freight trains will return to Auckland’s Onehunga line following a multi-million dollar upgrade, Finance Minister Michael Cullen announced today.

“I have given approval for ONTRACK to invest in the upgrading of the Onehunga Branch railway line and additional work associated with the changes needed at the Newmarket Junction,” said Dr Cullen.

“This is great news for Onehunga as passenger trains ceased 34 years ago and the line stopped carrying freight last year.” Transport Minister Annette King said the upgrade was another important step in extending the Auckland rail footprint.”It underlines the Labour-led government’s commitment to creating a world class transport network in the city.”We know there is demand from Onehunga locals for a revitalised passenger connection and it will also assist in moving more freight off Auckland’s roads.”

Love the line about the Minister’s line about Auckland’s world class transport system.

Anyway want to have a guess what number world class that would be? First class, 2nd class, 3rd class.. how about  103rd?





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