Mt Albert By-Election: Act Works The Train Crowd


ACT MP and Mt Albert by-election candidate John Boscawen was working the electorate’s railway platforms today. actmeetandgreet2
It was a captive audience because it was a typical Monday morning with trains running late and announcements over the PA speakers that trains were behind schedule. I suspect the weekend work on the western line between New Lynn and Avondale may not have helped.
Boscawen is the first candidate I’ve seen venture on the stations which is odd as Act is not know for its stand on public transport. boscawen-billboard
He handed out leaflets saying the by-election was about the economy (wasteful and inefficient government spending) and calling for zero tolerance for crime (he’s been promoting the three strikes law).
I didn’t get to speak to him as I was running late myself but good on him for mingling with the commuters.
Anyone seen the others?

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  1. sparky says:

    Shearer was out maybe two weeks ago on a Fri evening. At Kingsland station with Goff and other groupies


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