Auckland Police angry at our “dangerous” Auckland Harbour Bridge Protest


cop-passengerMedia release from the police: cars-blocked1

“Police advise that there have been no injuries to any person as a result of the action taken by the group of people that walked and cycled over the Auckland Harbour Bridge today.
During this incident no persons have been arrested.
Police are disappointed that the persons in this group have put themselves, other members of the public and the Police in danger by choosing to gain access to the Harbour Bridge and their decision to walk and cycle across the bridge.
No further comment is available at this time.”




  1. Joshua says:

    It wasn’t dangerous at all. I was right near the front and never felt in the slightest bit of danger. Plus, if there had been any safety issues then that would have completely been NZTA’s fault for not being organised and having a 2×2 lane formation on the eastern side of the Harbour Bridge.

  2. Well I have to say it’s not like the Police and NZTA weren’t made aware of the REAL possibility of people walking/cycling the bridge. They knew the protest was going to take place, they knew the number of protestors that was anticipated - 10,000.

    They chose to only send a VERY SMALL handful of police to baracade the on ramp and control the crowd. What would they have done if 10,000 people did show up? If they really didn’t want people to take the bridge they should have been organized and more forceful. I’ve seen national news coverage of stories where more police are sent to calm down a couple of hundred rowdy teenagers at a party! - there was 2000 - 3000 of us ready to make a stand for all Aucklanders.

    And I 100% agree - NZTA should take some resonabilitiy for not being more organized - they knew the protest was happening. They should have anticipated (as everyone did I’m sure) the REAL possibility of the crowd taking the bridge. I wonder why they didn’t? more cost effective to not have to put a strategic traffic plan in place?


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