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ARTA’s having a public consultation meeting next Tuesday. Details: 6.30pm – 8.00pm Onehunga Community Centre Beeson/Henderson Room 83 Church Street Onehunga. Let’s hope it’s good news.

An update was given to this afternoons ARC transport and urban development committee:

A working group has been established to project manage the Onehunga railway scheme.  The group comprises of representatives from the ARC, ARTA and ONTRACK.
Two workstreams are being progressed in relation to the ITM site in Onehunga, which  the council acquired last year to facilitate urban development.  The first relates to the preparation of a development framework which will include a concept plan to demonstrate how the site could be developed.  Boffa Miskell have been commissioned to prepare the framework with the objective of creating a high quality development, which improves the viability of the southern end of the mall, and integrates the proposed new railway station with the town. The second workstream relates to the location and construction of the railway station.  This work is being led by ARTA/ONTRACK and the plans to date show the railway station on the southern end of the ITM site.  The reason for this is that the alignment of the railway corridor in relation to the curve to the east of the site is too acute, resulting in a gap between the platform edge and railway carriages, which present a health and safety danger.  Straightening the line to eliminate any gap
means that the platform will be on the ITM site.  A report on both of these workstreams will be provided to the September Transport and Urban Development Committee.




  1. Ian says:

    Good luck with the ongoing development of this line. I traveled on the second to last train from Onehunga to Penrose way back in the 70′s. Two wooden cars and a DSC.

  2. William M says:

    I will be at the meeting and will present a short article to be published summing up the facts on the Thursday.


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