Waikato Rail Plan Moves One More cm Along The Track - Maybe


DSCN1734 Why does everything to do with rail projects take so long?  I’m starting to wonder whether this is just a NZ thing?
Auckland’s electric rail saga is bad enough - but by now, the proposed daily  resurrected Waikato - Auckland service should have been cut and dried.

Dragging the tail has been the regional council, Environment Waikato. That body’s members seem to match the mood of the government by being very pro- cars despite its deceptive greenie name for the body. They have long argued that Hamilton has a decent bus service so why would you resurrect the rail.

Finally, after a great campaign by the Campaign for Better Transport and sensible words from Hamilton City Councillors, comes a little achievement. I think.

Environment Waikato has somehow found a space in its Regional Land Transport Programme to include a Waikato-Auckland commuter train service. But hang on, is that it? What about the rest?

The Silver Fern railcars are on the siding waiting to go but Kiwirail needs an OK. In fact it had wanted that around July. Otherwise it warned it may let the refurbished railcars go to someone else.

To show it really is serious about this, Environment Waikato now needs to make an application to the Transport Agency. There are few little details to be sorted like the matter of funding.

But no application appears to have made.

So are you really serious Environment Waikato or just playing with our minds?

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