Britomart Bomb Hoax (Photos)


tvThe last thing we need on the anniversary of 9/11 is for some local outsidenutcase to stage a peak hour bomb scare.
One did at Britomart this morning with a 111 call claiming a bomb was there - and it halted trains in and out of the busy city terminal for about half an hour.
Thankfully nothing was found but the building was evacuated and trains heading into the city stopped. This one below halted at Boston Rd and passengers were told to stay on board for a long wait or wander off in the hope of finding alternative transport.
The good news if there is any, if that evacuation procedures worked well but the bad news is this is something we hope will never happen again as we don’t want to start mirroring bigger cities where such idiots stage such events knowing of the disruption it caused.
Train services are now (9.40am) starting to return to normal.





  1. William M says:

    We must ask ourselves… was this truely a waste of time? I think patrons would be more willing to be late for work for a bomb threat compared to a broken down train, even if the threat did not materialize. There may have been a serious investment in time. They put a plan into action to lockdown BTC. They should now review retrospectively on how things could have been done better. This will hopefully mean that should the real event occur, we may possibly be in safer hands.

  2. Jon C says:

    Good point William. Once again the onboard train staff had no manual to consult so had no idea what to say or advise.


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