Meanwhile… More Money Pumped Into Auckland Motorways


north The government’s found more money for Auckland’s motorways. The NZ Transport Agency this afternoon confirmed plans to widen Auckland’s Northwestern Motorway.

This work is to complement the building of the Waterview Connection and, when it’s finished, will complete a major section of the Western Ring Route, and upgrade West Auckland’s access to the central city.
A series of staged works from St Lukes to Westgate will add an extra lane in each direction, allow buses to use the motorway shoulders, raise the causeway and widen the adjacent cycle way.

In collaboration with Waitakere and Auckland City Councils, NZTA is also proposing to improve road capacity and safety at the Te Atatu, Lincoln and Royal Road interchanges, as well as improving access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Auckland NZTA Regional Director for Auckland and Northland Wayne McDonald has outlined the timetable:

“Construction of the Lincoln Road Interchange could start as early as next year and the St Lukes to Te Atatu section the year after. We will look to protect land for the work west of Te Atatu but this is not forecast to start for 10 years.

“When we widen the causeway, we will take the opportunity to raise the existing road level to eliminate flooding which has become more prevalent. This will improve safety for both cyclists and motorists,” he said.

Some reclamation for the widening will be required from Great North Road to Rosebank Peninsula, and on the seaward side of Rosebank Peninsula from Rosebank Road off-ramp to the Whau River.

The transport agency has confirmed that 83 houses will need to be purchased for the project.Timing of construction will depend on the statutory approvals process, which is likely to take all of 2010. Construction will be coordinated with other works to complete the Western Ring Route.

Transport minister Steven Joyce is elated:

“These are projects that have been talked about for decades.  It’s good to finally be in a position to provide certainty for communities along the route and get construction underway.

“The projects planned will alleviate a number of choke points on the Northwestern Motorway and when complete, the Western Ring route will contribute to better links for business and freight between key industrial hubs in the cities of Manukau, Auckland, Waitakere and North Shore.”

The transport agency is staging four community information days for residents to find out more about the project:

  • Saturday 26 September – 11am-3pm at Pasadena Intermediate, Pt Chevalier
  • Wednesday 30 September - 3.30-7.30pm at Te Atatu Community Centre and
  • Saturday 10 October - 11am-3pm at Te Atatu Community Centre
  • Saturday 3 October - 11-3pm at Royal Road School, Massey.


  1. Jon says:

    Since when was this “talked about for decades” that the minister refers to?

    Another waste of money. Give the West Aucklanders an alternative, like the Northern Busway…. not another lane for inefficient movement of people.

  2. AR says:

    Joyce’s transport dreams coming true…

  3. William M says:

    CBD Rail Tunnel. Electrification. Talked about for decades. So what?

  4. Joshua says:

    At least there going to be buslanes (shoulder lanes) provided and the cycleway widened. So the government is providing some PT alternatives. Although it’s not a fully fledged train system, it’s a step in the right direction.

  5. Jezza says:

    The bus lanes will have choke points at every interchange and every time a car breaks down… A dedicated busway is needed…

  6. jarbury says:

    We need to promote a “Northwest Busway” strongly as a better option than this project.

    More detail:

  7. Pukekohe lad says:

    Im all for public transport but we also have to do something about motorway congestin. This is a good move even tho’ i might be unpopular here for saying it. It doesnt mean the government shouldnt be spending more on rail and bus., They also need to fix the motorway congestion.

  8. jarbury says:

    Well the thing is that the northwest motorway is not congested except for during a very few hours a day - and only in one direction. That ‘peak’ flow is what suits public transport more than just widening roads. Furthermore, the only reason why this project is necessary is because of Waterview Connection.

  9. Pukekohe lad says:

    Those “very few hours a day” jarbury are when we are using them and they get very congested. Its not how many hours its about what happens during those hours. Have you tried to travel to Henderson or beyond at 6pm at night or from there at 745am? I used to live there and it was far from flowing. Lets not be blinkered about the car trouble spots and lets support them getting fixed.

  10. William M says:

    Pukekohe lad: I think it’s important to note that the reason why many of us are pro-PT is that basic rule that if we shift 10 people driving vehicles to work regularly into a train or bus - that’s 10 cars off the road, and there’s plenty of room on that train or bus for more. This leaves the road free for those who are passing Auckland by, or only making the odd stop. No amount of new motorway or motorway widening is going to help said situation - it simply allows for more cars to cram into more space. I hope this comment doesn’t sound too anti, but I think it’s an important moot to make clear in the umbrella of pro-PT.

  11. jarbury says:

    Yeah the point of a busway would be to get all the west Auckland to CBD travellers off the motorway, so that the space is available for people doing more complicated trips for which public transport is less suitable.

    It also seems a bit crazy to keep widening a motorway just because it’s full for a few hours each day. Why don’t we try to squeeze more out of the existing lanes by making one a T2 transit lane during peak hour?

  12. Twostages says:

    I dont know how you manage it but my trips to Kumeu each night cry out for a wider motorway. After the causeway it can get very congested and if you dont believe me listen to ZBs traffic reports. i welcome and congratulate Joyce on this.

  13. Pukekohe lad says:

    Yes but no amount of money into rail is going to keep everyone satisfied either. we need more of both -and the motorway extra is needed as well as rail. I dont know why the greenies always argue its rail v road. no wonder they arent the government. Not logical. Too much weed i guess.


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