Auckland Bus Dispute Likely To Go into Next Week


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It now looks as if there will be no quick end to the Auckland bus industrial dispute as the arguments continue.

It will now go to facilitation from the employment relations authority but in the meantime the lockout from NZBus continues.

Union members will get an update from their union tomorrow.

Today we were spared major disruption because students and some of their parents were not using public transport as they were on holiday.

If it continues on Monday morning, the effects could be much more dramatic especially as trains are already crowded peak time.

Facilitation can be applied for by parties to prove that the effects of industrial action can disrupt social, environmental or economic interests and cause widespread effects.

It was agreed today that the industrial action did impact the public from their day to day business including getting to work.




  1. I’m definitely discouraged with this situation. Read my reaction on my blog:


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