This Weekend’s Rail Disruptions & Motorway Closures


Train replacements:

Rail bus replacements will be in place between New Lynn and Avondale, on the Western line, on Sunday.

Motorway closures:

Northern Motorway (SH1)

  • Silverdale southbound on ramp 20 October
  • Northbound lanes between Greville Road off and on ramp 18 - 20 October
  • Southbound lanes between Greville Road off ramp and Constellation Drive on ramp 18 October

Auckland Harbour Bridge (SH1)

  • Shelly Beach Road off ramp and Auckland Harbour Bridge southbound lanes one and two 18 - 22  October (approx 7.30pm - 5:30am)
  • Curran Street on ramp and Auckland Harbour Bridge northbound lanes one and two 17 October (approx 7pm to 9am)

Central Motorway Junction - CMJ (SH1)

  • Hobson Street southbound on ramp 18 October
  • Nelson Street northbound off ramp 18 October
  • SH1 northbound to SH16 westbound link 18 October
  • SH16 Port to SH1 southbound link 20 October
  • Symonds Street/Wellesley Street/Port northbound off ramp 18 October
  • Northbound lanes between Khyber Pass Road off ramp and Wellington Street on ramp 18 October

Southern Motorway (SH1)

  • Gillies Avenue southbound off ramp 18 - 22 October
  • St Marks Road southbound on ramp 17 October (approx 6.30am to 5am)
  • St Marks Road southbound on ramp 18 - 22 October
  • St Mark Road southbound on ramp 24 October (approx 10am – 4pm)
  • Greenlane southbound off ramp 18 October
  • Greenlane northbound off ramp 19 – 20 October
  • Westbound lanes on Ellerslie Panmure Highway between Wilkinson Road and Ellerslie Panmure Roundabout 18 October
  • Princes Street southbound on ramp 19 October
  • Princes Street southbound off ramp 19 October
  • Northbound lanes between Papakura off ramp and Takanini on ramp 18 – 20 & 22  October
  • Papakura northbound on ramp 22 October
  • Northbound lanes between SH22/Drury off ramp and Papakura on ramp 21 October

Northwestern Motorway (SH16)

  • Eastbound lanes between Te Atatu off ramp and Rosebank Road on ramp 22 October
  • Patiki Road eastbound off ramp 22 October
  • Westbound lanes between Great North Road off and on ramps 18 October

State Highway 16 - 18

  • All lanes between Royal Road, Don Buck Road and Fitzherbert Avenue 18 - 22 October (approx 7pm to 6.30am)
  • Partial roundabout closure; access from the north-western motorway (SH16) westbound to State Highway 18 eastbound (Hobsonville Road) will be restricted 17 October (approx 7pm to 9am)

State Highway 18

  • Westbound lanes between Paul Matthews Road and Albany Highway 19 October

Southwestern Motorway (SH20)

  • Northbound lanes between Neilson Street off ramp and Hillsborough Road on ramp 18 October
  • Northbound lanes between Queenstown Road off ramp and Hillsborough Road on ramp 19 – 22 October

George Bolt Memorial Drive (SH20A)

  • Lane Closures George Bolt Memorial Drive 19 - 20 October
  • Turning restrictions in and out of Kirkbride Road at the George Bolt Memorial Drive Intersection 19 - 20 October

This Weekend”s Train

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