Harbour Bridge Speed Restrictions Start Sunday (& other weekend disruptions)


Speed restrictions on the Auckland Harbour Bridge approaches come into effect on Sunday night.vic

Workers will be out in force from then from the south end of the Auckland Harbour Bridge to Fanshawe Street so a speed limit of 70km/h will apply and lane widths will be reduced.

Drivers are also asked to choose their correct south bound lane early after leaving the harbour bridge to help reduce the risk of congestion. The transport agency says it will try to keep all lanes open during the day throughout the working week but there’ll be some work-related lane closures at night or on weekends when traffic volumes were not high.

The project includes providing a southbound bus shoulder lane will be provided along St Mary’s Bay and a pedestrian /cyclist footbridge over the motorway linking St Mary’s Bay to Westhaven .

When the project is completed southbound motorists would be able to stay in the same lane from the Harbour Bridge to the city, the Southern Motorway or the Northern Motorway, removing the need for difficult and dangerous merging and lane-changing through St Mary’s Bay. The project will also eliminate the current northbound gridlock in the afternoon peak period at the viaduct.

While work has already begun at St Mary’s Bay, full construction of the tunnel will not start until early next year. The widening at St Mary’s Bay is part of the first stage  of the project.

Full list of closures:

Start at 8pm and finish at 5am, unless otherwise stated.  Work delayed by bad weather will be completed at the next available date, prior to Friday 20 November.

Northern Motorway (SH1)

  • Silverdale northbound off ramp 15 – 19 November
  • Southbound lanes between Greville Road off ramp and on ramp 18 November (approx 9pm to 12am)
  • Greville Road southbound on ramp 18 November (approx 12am to 5am)
  • Tristram Avenue southbound off ramp 19 November
  • Southbound lanes between the Northcote Road off ramp and Esmonde Road on ramp 15 November
  • Northcote Road southbound off ramp 18  November

Auckland Harbour Bridge (SH1)

  • Shelly Beach Road off ramp and Auckland Harbour Bridge southbound lanes one and two 15 - 19 November (approx 7.30pm - 5:30am)
  • Curran Street on ramp and Auckland Harbour Bridge northbound lanes one and two 14 November (approx 7.30pm to 9am)

Central Motorway Junction - CMJ

  • Symonds Street/Wellesley Street/Port northbound off ramp 18 November

Southern Motorway (SH1)

  • Gillies Avenue southbound off ramp 15 - 19 November (approx 10pm – 5am)
  • St Marks Road southbound on ramp 15 – 19 November
  • St Marks Road southbound on ramp 14 November (6.30am – 5.00am)
  • Northbound lanes between Ellerslie Panmure Highway off ramp and Greenlane on ramp 16 – 17 November
  • Northbound lanes between Manukau off ramp and on ramp 15 – 16 November
  • Northbound lanes between Takanini off ramp and Manukau on ramp 17 November
  • Northbound lanes between Papakura off ramp and Takanini on ramp 15 and 17 - 19 November
  • Northbound lanes between Drury/SH22 off ramp and Papakura on ramp 16 November
  • Southbound lanes between Drury/SH22 off ramp and on ramp 15 – 17 November
  • Northbound lanes between Drury/SH22 off ramp and on ramp 18 – 19 November

Northwestern Motorway (SH16)

  • Great North Road eastbound on ramp 17 November
  • Great North Road eastbound off ramp 18 November
  • Westbound lanes between Great North Road off ramp and on ramp 15 November
  • Lincoln Road westbound on ramp 17 November

State Highway 16 - 18

  • All lanes between Royal Road, Don Buck Road and Fitzherbert Avenue 15 - 19 November (approx 7pm to 6.30am)

Southwestern Motorway (SH20)

  • Mahunga Drive southbound off ramp 16 – 19 November
  • Coronation Road northbound on ramp 16 November
  • Massey Road northbound on ramp 15 November (approx 12am to 5am)
  • Puhinui Road northbound off ramp 15 November (approx 9pm to 12am)
  • Southbound lanes between Massey Road off ramp and Puhinui Road on ramp 16 – 18 November
  • Eastbound lanes (Wiri Station Road) between Lambie Drive and Barrowcliffe Place 18 November
  • Westbound lanes (Wiri Station Road) between Great South Road and Lambie Drive 19 November

George Bolt Memorial Drive (SH20A)

  • Lane closures George Bolt Memorial Drive 19 November
  • Turning restrictions at Kirkbride Road/ George Bolt Memorial Drive Intersection 19 November
  • Eastbound lanes between Kirkbride Road and SH20 15 - 16 November
  • Eastbound lanes between New Ihumatao Road and Montgomerie Road 17 November





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