Debate Over New Transport Agency Structure begins


Criticism has begun of the structure for the new Auckland Transport Agency which shows a similar structure to the one proposed for the Auckland Council.

The difference is that the transport structure splits the organisation into operating, infrastructure and finance areas.

Manukau Mayor Len Brown says it needs to be clearer on how transport services will be delivered to local communities.

It is also unclear yet what the government’s role will be, the nature of the transport agency board and the extent of the Auckland Council’s influence on the agency.

“Up to half of councils’ spending is on transport, Manukau has a history of strong links into the community and then delivering the projects they need. Having local board engagement reporting to the chief executive’s office is welcomed, because maintaining local links will be vital. “But what is more important is how things like road maintenance and upgrades, footpath maintenance and road safety are delivered at a local level.

These are the things that the community experiences every day. “I’m also still concerned about getting the relationship between the Auckland Council and the transport agency right. We need to make sure the Auckland Council has the power to get the agency to deliver on the community’s vision for transport, it’s not clear yet how it will do that. “Most structures can work, having the right leadership and culture is the key.  This structure can work and the signals that the Auckland Transport Agency will be customer focused and collaborative are positive,” Mr Brown says.

ARC Councillor Joel Crayford says on his blog: There is very little balance in this proposed Auckland Transport Agency structure. It reflects colonial times - roads, roads roads - and roading infrastructure construction priorities.



  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    It’s a shocker…

    It’s like they never heard of walking, cycling and public transport… Are we in 1955..?


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