Trig Road Bridge Opened


trigTrig Road Bridge - the first of seven bridges to be completed on the SH18 Hobsonville Deviation and SH16 Brigham Creek Extension project, as part of the Western Ring Route has been opened.

The two-lane bridge  and carries local traffic from Trig Road over the new motorway which is being constructed underneath.

The bridge forms part of the Trig Road Interchange, which is being built as a ‘half diamond’ with two ramps for motorists travelling to and from the North Shore.

Construction of the bridge started in February this year and has made good progress to be operating just ten months later. Supported by a 13 metre deep pier and pile, the bridge is 65 metres long and 18 metres wide and made up of 16 individual deck beams. It features two abutments that support the bridge on either side of the motorway, and one pier that sits in between the lanes of the motorway under construction below. Trig Road was realigned and a new surface laid so that traffic could be directed onto the bridge.

The next stage of work will see the earth dug out 11 metres deep underneath the bridge to create the new motorway route. Preparations are also underway to complete the Hobsonville Road Bridge and dismantle the signalised roundabout at the end of the Northwestern Motorway. A new road layout will be in place and traffic will move onto this new bridge early next month so that earthworks can continue on the new motorway route.The six kilometre, four-lane Hobsonville motorway is the last section of the new SH18 to be completed.

The $220M project also includes a three kilometre extension of SH16 to a new roundabout at Brigham Creek Road. The project will provide a better connection between Waitakere City and North Shore City and complete the key northern link of the Western Ring Route. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2012.




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