Auckland So Missed the Boat On Queens Wharf (Photos)


queens couple

It’s only a few weeks since the axing of Auckland’s Queens Wharf design contest with no clear way forward to progress something.

queens dinersHere in Wellington, it’s sad to see how Wellington’s Queens Wharf is an example of what could be in Auckland, just by opening up the waterfront and thinking of people’s needs.

Wellington’s pedestrian and recreational friendly waterfront walkway, which includes restaurants and Te Papa, feels many worlds away from the reality that busy city traffic is only a few steps away.

This is the same with Auckland’s Quay St alongside Queens Wharf. Yet people here in Wellington can relax and ponder and feel peace - or sip a glass of wine. Auckland was thinking in terms of a noisy hoon barn for rugby drunkards.

queens boatshedqueens traffic

So what are we left with in Auckland?
A wharf that has had its gates locked for the last 100 years and has one ugly old shed in the middle of it.

queens auck tanks

One day, when for a few hours the wharf was open for public to see design concepts, we could stand on the wharf and share dreams of what it could be: We know the rest of the story.

queens dreams




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Wellington’s waterfront is awesome and they are looking to improve it, down by the netball stadium they have an office you can go to to see the future development plans, head down if you get a chance…

  2. George Darroch says:

    Yes, Wellington’s waterfront is absolutely wonderful, and something that other cities could really learn from. That it now extends from the Overseas Passenger Terminal to Civic Square, to the Ferry Terminal at the other end is just awesome.

    It works with nature, but doesn’t pretend that the technology and architecture of a city doesn’t exist. It celebrates both.

    Once they get rid of that de-facto motorway past it, things will be even better! They got their bypass, they have no excuse now.

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    Helps not really having a huge working port…


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