Ellerslie’s Station Upgrade A Blueprint For Others (Photos)


Ell trainsign

Ellerslie’s station upgrade, with the pedestrian bridge canopy works well - and shows what can be done with a small but busy suburban train station to make it more sheltered and pleasant for commuters.

ellerslie guard

The station, on the south-western side of the Southern Motorway, is accessible by a pedestrian overbridge crossing the motorway between the town’s Main Highway and Kalmia St. That overbridge has been decorated with murals relevant to the town’s history and has been covered with a canopy.

trafficSadly, as part of an epidemic in Auckland, the canvas has already been attacked by taggers - and it’s hoped the material is easy to clean when exposed to Auckland’s weather conditions.

ELL canvas grafit

The underpass on the southern end of the station is also looking the worst for wear in places despite what appears to be a recent coat of paint.

ELL underpassELl grafit

But overall the station is impressive and ready for our electric trains with the platform ready to accommodate six-car trains, better lighting, resurfaced platforms with yellow strips for those with poor sight and excellent signage.

EL waiting




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    It’s a good looking simple station now, how much did the upgrade cost..?

  2. William M says:

    It would be sub mil figures methinks Jeremy… Pity about the taggers, but I don’t we’re doing our network much good by uploading the evidence, we’re probably encouraging it (just a SUBTLE hint Jon ;) …)

  3. Jon C says:

    I doubt the taggers come to aucklandtrains! I did think carefully about publicising it but tried to not show the full tags especially in the tunnel. But decided I so hate this tagging that its the only way to get some action.

  4. Kiwipom says:

    there was only one problemwith the upgrade of Ellerslie it took 8 months!!!!! They started in January 2008 and it took them until August to finish the job although I think the original company East Bay Construction went into receivership in this time, also the white canopy was added by the council not ARTA who did the station.

  5. rtc says:

    Any idea when the Greenlane and Remuera stations will get a similar make over?


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