Ticketing Is Sorted For The RWC- Eden Park’s Getting Ready Too (Photos)


Eden from Eden

Now that integrated ticketing is moving ahead in time for the RWC, I wanted to see how Eden Park itself was doing.

Eden Park’s new towering south stand is now well advanced.

Eden closeIt will hold 21,000 people for the Rugby World Cup matches but the plan is for all the construction work at the park to be finished by the end of next year so the facilities can get a trial run the following season before the RWC starts.

The stand is the biggest building in the park’s RWC $240.5m upgrade , which included the demolition of the east stand.

The terraces are being rebuilt but will still be uncovered, which is a shame. Now we see the south stand rising, it’s obvious this would have been an opportunity to do a complete rebuilt.
Eden stand

The Kingsland station underpass - to help cater for the rugby patrons using trains - will be finished over the Christmas - January period.
kingsland underpass




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    It’s such a shame they didn’t redevelop Carlaw Park for this tournament…

  2. Simon says:

    Here here Jeremy. That would have given us a National Stadium like the Welsh have and it could have been multi-purpose and not just a rugby and cricket ground, and close to entertainment areas in the central city and Parnell. No matter how nicely Eden Park is redeveloped it is still and will forever be in a residential area and that will restrict its usage…I still shake my head when thinking about the opportunity lost.At the very least Eden Park should have been redeveloped as a football only stadium as it`s too small groundwise for cricket and always has been.

  3. Jon C says:

    Agree! Can’t believe that Carlaw Park became a rest home.

  4. Ian says:

    Tank farm would have been by far the best choice. Plenty of room, close to town/viaduct and not near the port.

  5. Joshua says:

    The proposed waterfront was definitely the best option, killing two birds with one stone, ‘sigh’ to think Brian Perry had riggers ready to start piling the waterfront once the decision was made. Typical Auckland.

  6. Nick R says:

    I think the eastern waterfront proposal was best, the one that was at the foot of Bledisloe container terminal. The later ‘compromise’ option on the finger wharves was too much of a barrier to the water in my opinion, the port location would have simply blocked the working terminal off from the city and created a natural division between public space and industrial land.
    Either was good for transport and accessibility, right next to Britomart for trains, buses and ferries and all the commuter carparking, entertainment and facilities of the CBD at it’s disposal. What does Eden park have, parking on narrow suburban streets and a small one-line rail station!
    They should have sold half of Eden park for development, turned the rest into a regional sports ground like Victoria Park and built the national stadium on the edge of the CBD.

  7. Ian says:

    There is plenty of space for stadium in the Tank Farm-which everyone seemed to ignore. Building it right next to Britomart would have blocked the view of the harbour. Eden Park should have reverted back to a cricket ground, which wouldnt have upset the residents and by demolishing the Southstand we could have had a full size field. Otherwise North Harbour could have been finished off-which was the easiest option (but the Auckland Rugby board would never have let the North Harbour board have a better stadium!).

  8. Joel says:

    Interesting to note that Richard Simpson (of new ANZAC bridge proposal fame) was a key advocate for a Carlaw Park redevelopment.

  9. Dave says:

    Great photo’s.
    Are you aware of the live SnapitHD webcam installed in Eden Park http://www.takeabreak.co.nz/accommodation/auckland-city.asp
    Also timelapse HD video is available from


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