Waka, WhaleRider, JafaCard- Name Auckland’s Smart Card (Part 2)


Here is the link to the earlier post mentioned in today’s Herald Sideswipe column about naming the new Auckland (and national) public transport card. (Thanks Ana)

The first 51 suggestions are on the earlier post here



  1. Michael Wright says:


    So the marketing can resurrect that old gag:

    “Get around! Tuit!”

  2. Natalie says:

    Please not the Jafa card - plenty of Aucklanders find the name insulting and ignorant. You may also like to know if you didn’t already’ Oyster’ is the system used in London.

  3. Anne says:

    I love the idea of JafaCard!! They call us that whether we like it or not, let’s legitimise it! If anything that will reduce the effect of their intended insult. Can’t we laugh at ourselves? JafaCard has my vote :-D

  4. Jenny Chen says:

    It will be a national system. I think something that embodies the concept of NZ as a whole would be better than calling it the Jafacard which only refers to one city. Or just something more generalised.

    Possibly ’9yards card’ in reference to the phrase “The whole nine yards” since you should be able to ‘go all the way’ using the transport system.

  5. suzanna says:

    I second jafacard…
    if there’s anything kiwi’s can do better than the rest of the world, that should be laugh at ourselves

    although… i wonder what sort of fight there will be over the jaffa/jafa..
    still.. doit!

  6. Joshua says:

    I third Jafacard!

  7. Lady McTotterson says:

    I fourth the Jafa Card - sold to the punter down the back!

  8. MGB says:

    Hmm, how about “the Rodney”, and with a nice picture of our Minister of Hypocrisy. As I will most likely be keeping the card in my hip pocket, nice and close to my bum, it would give me great satisfaction to rub his face in it, as it were, every time I sat down on the bus.

  9. John Public says:

    God save us. Like Christchurch would adopt Ginga Card. Jafa card is ridiculous. May as well call it Wanker Card, as south of here Jafa is used analogously with that word. Would want to use it then would you?

  10. Joshua says:

    John Public - Yup! Thats half the point.

  11. Jon R says:

    How about TRIPPER card…for all those trippers out there - safer than being behind the wheel of a car!

  12. Jilli A says:

    Keep it simple, but significant. Call it the “GO” Card …. GO anywhere! GO everywhere! GO Auckland! GO for it!

  13. Savage says:

    How about the LAVA card. The most unique thing about Auckland is our volcanoes. No other city or place in the world has so many volcanic cones. Better ticketing will mean better transport. Lots more Aucklanders going with the flow…

  14. BA says:

    WAKA????? WTF?? Could you get more banal? Aucklanders cant seem to think more than wakas, seagulls, nikau palms, maraes and flax weaving!!

  15. Joshua says:

    ok BA, since you have such an imagination give us an IDEA.

  16. Brent C says:

    If its actually called the JAFA card, that would be legendary!

  17. Anthony says:

    CMCard (Choice Metro)?
    or maybe
    Kwikcard (Kcard)?

  18. BA says:

    This is for Joshua:

    The PIPI Card.

  19. BA says:

    We already have those hideous Waka Pacific buses with the W sign at the back. And to top it all of, they are full of koru patterns. Who would have thought?
    And the grey colour to just brighten everything up a bit.

    So, I thought why not PIPI. Sounds very exotic. It’ll be the talk of town. Imagine all those tourists topping up their PIPI cards.

  20. James says:

    OK, I don’t really see how Pipi falls outside the “banal” set otherwise comprised of “wakas, seagulls, nikau palms, maraes and flax weaving”. If only exotic sounding were the sole criteria.

    I actually think Pipi could be pretty good with the potential for onomatopoeia and the possible link to a double-beep sound when its used.

  21. laowai says:

    Free (from car addiction)

  22. katherine says:

    I love the idea of ‘Jafa Card’ - being able to laugh at ourselves is a good thing!

  23. Paul says:

    How about the ‘Forward Pass’? I like a bad pun…

  24. Tet Yoon LEE says:

    How about the


    Oh my god, after ?eight years of mucking around we finally did it.

    If that’s too long

    Aeywdi would do…

    If that doesn’t cut it just call it the Behind Card. Officially it’s to symbolfy you left your card behind, unofficially a reminder we’re years behind the rest of the world, as always

  25. The STARFISH …. like tentacles originating from a central hub and spreading out into different directions - just as our transport routes originate at a hub and spread out … a starfish also makes for a gr8 and contemporary logo …. please, please leave waka’s and other Polynesian “icons’ out of the equation. It is time to be more creative and think outside of the square ….


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