Kopu Holiday Traffic Gets CCTV Coverage


CCTV is being installed on the western side of Kopu bridge to send live footage of Christmas holiday bridge traffic directly to the Auckland Traffic Operations Centre.

This will enable up-to-date traffic information on the traffic delays to put up on the NZTA website.

Heading for the bridge - what will the queue be like?

Heading for the bridge - what will the queue be like?

The idea is that this will allow travellers to assess how heavy the traffic is so they can delay their journey or change their plans if they wish to.

However just one problem: with the new ban on mobile phones, you’ll have to have someone else in the car to check the site from a phone!

Maybe a better idea would be to put a big screen up half an hour out from the bridge so you can see it but then it’s probably too late anyway if you’re heading down from Auckland as there aren’t many alternatives once you’re nearing it.

The Kopu Bridge camera will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the end of January.

Update on the new $40m bridge: construction has started on a platform from the western bank which will be built out to the swing span on the existing bridge.

The platform will support the piling rig and allow construction of the piers for the new bridge to begin.



  1. Matt L says:

    Thats why I use the waihi way when going to Whangamata. When there is no congestion around Kopu it is about the same time traveling but if it is a holiday weekend you can essentially bypass it.

  2. Robert says:

    Although it’s a “really good idea” to have the travel coordination centre informed.. where is the link so that actual travellers can be informed too? Yes.. I know about this: http://www.nzta.govt.nz/traffic/current-conditions/highway-info/road/7873/north-island.html but that’s not much help when you are trying to determine a good time to leave auckland…. C’mon people….. we’re in a society of disseminated information these days… get with the program!
    (May endless glory and radience fall upon the poor soul who has fought for years to get the $200 technology installed to do this from within the systsm - full cudos to you!)


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