Sturges Rd Closed While Bridge Replacement- More Photos


The section of Sturges Rd where the bridge replacement work is being done road is closed except to residents - that’s between Swanson Rd and Septimus Place until Jan 18.

When the road reopens, traffic will be restricted to one lane on the temporary Bailey bridge, which will be controlled by temporary traffic lights.

On average, 17,000 motorists use this section of the road daily.

So the council is advising motorists to use other routes as follows.

Eastbound Swanson Road traffic: use Metcalfe Road, Munroe Road and Summerland Drive before rejoining Sturges Road.

Westbound Swanson Rd traffic: use Henderson Valley Road, Border Road, Palomino Drive then rejoin Sturges Road.

Pedestrians and cyclists will share the temporary footbridge being built over the railway line.

This is aimed at safe access to the station platform. Some bus stops will be relocated as a result of the road works.

And how it looked just two weeks ago, clearly showing cracks in the structure:

The state of the old bridge a week before trains stopped running

The other half of the photos are here:





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