Car Sales Crash: Toyota Corolla Still Number 1


Big drops last year in the number of new vehicles sold in NZ.

Car sales drop but Auckland roads are still busy

Total sales of 70,048, means a 28% drop on the previous year.

New commercial vehicles had an even bigger drop. They totalled 15,644 registrations, compared with 23,933 the previous year. That’s a 34.6% drop.

The passenger car total of 54,404 was reduced by 25.9% on 2008 volume.

December, said to be traditionally a quiet month for new vehicle sales gave car dealers no smiles either.  There were 3,973 new passenger car registrations and 1,012 commercials – both figures down on the comparable numbers for 2008.

The industry body is blaming the recession – not any jump to people choosing public transport!

The top selling model for the year was the Toyota Corolla followed by the Holden Commodore with Suzuki Swift taking out number three spot.

Toyota got the top spots for the year selling the most commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and top selling model. Overall they finished with 21.7% of the total market.

Ford and Holden finished number two and number three respectively.

December saw Mazda jump to number two spot for passenger car registrations with 476 sales – an all time record for the company.

Rich people still had money to burn. Audi took the top spot for this segment. BMW and Mercedes Benz increased their market share – both moving up two places on the sales table.

In recessionary times, Hyundai jumped four places to number five, increasing their total market share to 7.2%. Their Korean associate Kia captured 3.05% of the total market.

Others in the top fifteen to show improvement in overall market share include Subaru, Mazda, Nissan and Volkswagen.




  1. budds subaru says:

    The major recession that began in 2008 has had a profound effect on the auto industry, and even insurance companies have paid a heavy price for the downturn. While legitimate insurance claims have shrunken a bit since fewer jobs mean fewer motorists on the road, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) claims that fraudulent claims from staged accidents jumped 46 percent from 2007 to 2009.


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