St Georges Rd Second Track Being Installed - Photos


Workers have begun installing a second track across Avondale’s St Georges Rd level crossing.

Extensive work is being undertaken in this area - and part of St Georges Rd was closed off to traffic so that the level crossing work can be done without accommodating traffic.

The work done since Christmas involves the second track being laid, the level crossing being upgraded and footpaths being improved.

With houses so close to the work, a slip road for properties on the western side of the road had to be constructed to prove a safe exit and entry point for residents to the properties while the second track is being laid.




  1. Chris says:

    I drove across this crossing at 6:30am this morning - the road is open again. Its another of the rubber ones like Jude st.

  2. Commuter says:

    The bizarre thing is, in so far as I can see, is that there’s no crossover between the two tracks between Avondale and the Whau bridge which means that until KiwiRail connect the second trench track up (in September?) the second Avondale - Whau bridge track will remain unused and thus there won’t be any improvement in timekeeping efficiencies, etc. Oh, and of course there are still no level crossing barriers so St George’s Road remains as unsafe as it has always been.

  3. Chris says:

    The new track is tied in with a single point at Avondale Stn. I assumed this is a temporary connection to allow track alignment equipment access to the new track. I have also assumed the second track will be connected to the first through the New Lynn trench in April, so the double track wont be commissioned until later in the year. Be interested in anyone who has the real oil on the exact sequence

  4. Matt L says:

    My understanding is that a single track will be put into the trench around April along with a temporary station. Then in June the second line will be commisioned completing the double tracking. Above ground the station building will still be being built with it due to be completed in September when the station will be officially opened.

    I have mentioned it being a temporary station but I think it is just called that due to the official station not being completed at the time.

  5. Chris says:

    I’ll find out about the crossovers tonight for you Commuter. I’m catching up with someone involved in the project and will ask them.

  6. Commuter says:

    @ Chris

    Thanks for that. While all improvements are appreciated this double tracking/trenching programme has been basically a long, frustrating exercise, characterised by any lack of urgency. I mean the trench construction was closed between 23 December and 11 January at a time when no trains were running. Is it because project managers/engineers are so unused to rail in this country that they can’t schedule things properly; or is it because Fletchers have decided to allocate their manpower to the Victoria Park tunnel? Almost as bad as Avondale station: a year long construction period for what, in effect, is a very minor project.

  7. Geoff says:

    From next week until March, trains will use the western most track. Then in March they will switch to the eastern track from Avondale to Titirangi Rd running through the trench. Then in June the other track will reopen, providing double track all the way through from June.

  8. UrbanLocal says:

    @ Commuter:
    Considering that the inital completion of the New Lynn trenching was scheduled for 2011, I think that the process has been very effiecent. The rest of the double tracking could have proceeded more quickly though.
    @ Geoff:
    Are you sure that the eastern (down line side)track will be used in the trench first? Most of the preparation in the trench is occuring on the western side (wall finishings etc). Moreover the track on the eastern wall will need to be decomissioned, I doubt that they will want a live line operating underneath this work.

  9. Chris says:

    Commuter: There will be crossovers at St Lukes, but none between Avondale and the creek.


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