How Auckland’s Rail Electrification Will Look


With the Auckland $1b rail electrification contract signed this afternoon, meaning that the electric masts and wires are on the way  - and will start showing up from about August around Auckland, here’s a reminder of how they will look.

This was a KiwiRail imposed image that officials showed local councils to give them an idea.

This is of Papakura station:

Wellington’s electric wires and masts give a flavour of what’s to come - but Wellington is also involved in a massive electric upgrade.

I took these recently at Wellington’s main city station but just before the Christmas work began.




  1. Brent C says:

    This is what the Waikanae project looks like
    I wonder if it will look a little like this

  2. Brent C says:

    That didn’t work…

    But there are some photos here of Waikanae

  3. Matt L says:

    Agreed but as I said in another thread, surely we can design something that looks better than that. Why not make these masts look like a part of a sculpture rather than a boring metal pole. We seem to be doing it with many street lights so why not these.

  4. James says:

    I think that since the Auckland ones will be all new they might look a bit different to the older wellington ones. The mockup doesn’t seem too bad plus an earlier one for swanson.

  5. Jonathan says:


    all a streetlight has to support is itself.
    Ancatenary mast has to support the weight of the overhead catenary cable (the curved upper cable) and the lower flat cable. Every km or so, there’ll be a mast with a huge concrete cylinder hanging from the catenary, to maintain tension. That’s all *heavy*, and it has to be supported.

    And the outriggers and catenary cables need lots of clearance: 25,000 Volts is nasty stuff.


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