Newmarket Runs Into Signal Problems: Full Services NOT Running Tomorrow


Normal train services are not resuming tomorrow (Monday) morning as planned.

KiwiRail blames “unexpected difficulties with commissioning the new signalling at Newmarket Junction.”

This has forced the post-Christmas special holiday timetable to continue tomorrow morning, but there will be some train services resuming on the Western line.

The special holiday timetables will continue for all train services to and from Pukekohe/Papakura via the Eastern line and on railbus replacement services between Otahuhu and Britomart (via Newmarket South).

There is no word on when the proper timetable will resume.

Work continues tonight at Newmarket Junction

Commissioning the complex new signalling at Newmarket ran into difficulties late today, which means the commissioning process is taking longer than expected. It was the last stage of the work there.

Staff are working through the night to get this finished as quickly as possible so that they can get to the stage of full services operating. But there is no idea when that will be.

Electrification Project Director Murray Hood says all parties involved agreed it was better to retain the timetable commuters have been using for the past three weeks - rather than face the possibility of offering a service that could be disrupted. “

We are disappointed it hasn’t been possible to deliver full services but understand commuters prefer certainty in their daily travels.

He called the signal commissioning process a complex procedure, as every element of the system must be thoroughly tested to ensure the safe movement of trains for passengers and staff.
“It is like building a new home - while the electrician can do some preparatory work running all the wiring etc, he can’t do the final connections, test everything is OK and turn the power on until all the building, plastering and painting is finished.

Newmarket’s station still opens tomorrow but shuttle trains will run Britomart – Newmarket – Britomart. All Western trains will stop at Newmarket and you will need to transfer to the shuttle trains or buses. Not a great start for Newmarket.

Services tomorrow will be:
Southern and Eastern lines
Continuation of Special Holiday Timetable 11-15 January (all train services from Pukekohe/Papakura via Eastern line and bus replacement service between Otahuhu and Britomart).
Additional buses on standby at Penrose during the morning peak and at Britomart during the afternoon peak to cope with additional demand at intermediate stations (Remuera, Greenlane, Ellerslie, Penrose).

Western line
Resumption of trains BUT reduced train frequency from Waitakere/Swanson to Newmarket (approx 30 min frequency)
Passengers travelling to Britomart will need to transfer to a train shuttle at Newmarket station
Supplementary bus services (as per the Special Holiday Timetable 11-15 January)

Departures from Newmarket station:

  • If you are heading West, take one of the half hourly trains from the new Newmarket station (until 6.30pm). Alternatively you can take the railbus from the Newmarket West railbus stop (Carlton Gore Rd).
  • If you are arriving from the West and heading to Britomart, at Newmarket either transfer to a limited shuttle train service from the new station OR transfer to a rail bus from outside Westfield 277 (Broadway).
  • If you are heading South, take the railbus from the stop opposite Westfield 277 (Broadway).
  • If you are in Newmarket and heading to Britomart, go either to the new station for limited shuttle train services, or to the railbus stop outside Westfield 277 (Broadway) or the rail bus stop in Carlton Gore Rd




  1. Simon says:

    Damn! I was thinking about catching the first service from Newmarket to Britomart tomorrow morning. Infact I went to the maxx site to check the timetable. What I got was this…

  2. Matt says:

    Why doesn’t the western line just use kingdon st - ahh that’s right we demo’d it hahaha

  3. Ray says:

    Give the guys a break - its more complex than many will wish to understand.

    Would someone arrange for the blockade on the bridge from Broadway Park to be removed!!


  4. Jim C says:

    The name “Murphy” comes into it. lol

  5. rtc says:

    @Matt not sure how Kingdon street would have helped as the issue is to do with the junction not Newmarket station per se.


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