Road Code For Cyclists Launched


An official “road code” for cyclists has been launched today.

There is no licence required to ride a bike but there are rules such as not being allowed to ride on footpaths unless delivering papers  or unless the pavement is designated as a cyclepath – something many of us ignore because of safety!

It’s indeed  to try to take a positive move to help cycle safety that has prompted the NZTA to release the code. It has been written with advice from cycle enthusiasts, bike shops and others.

Besides helpful tips for newbies (such as watching for motorists opening car doors) , it also raises motorists’ pet complaints such as “unpredictable cycling behaviour can be unsettling.” There’s  even helpful advice about how to buy a bike and equipment.

NZTA says cycling is on the increase so this is an attempt to keep new cyclists safe and also encourage more experienced cyclists to take advantage of the new resource to brush up on their knowledge of the road rules and safe cycling practices.

It’s good to see authorities taking a positive rather than draconian attitude and encourage more people to feel confident about being about to cycle safely. You can check it out here




  1. Su Yin Khoo says:

    “Until children reach 15 years their vision is not fully developed. This limits their ability to see easily to their sides and can mean they may not see you until you are in their direct line of vision.”

    Hmm … really?

    The road code is no doubt a good start but if I were a newbie, I’d be too scared to start cycling after reading this!

  2. Chris says:

    Usually when I ride my bike I am predictable - offering ‘security’ for drivers.

    But when drivers drive too close to me or are aggressive towards me, then I become very unpredictable. I use this method as a way of reminding drivers that I’m on the road and that they need to watch out.

    Unpredictable behaviour includes lots of hand waving, taking the entire lane, floating out towards traffic and wiggling sometimes.

    DRIVERS if you see me being ‘unpredictable’ - it’s because you asked me to be so. OK?

  3. James Pole says:

    @Chris: Excellent attitude! That was sarcasm in case you didn’t notice. Are you one of those bikers that take up the entire lane in front of a late-running bus forcing it to arrive in the City so far behind schedule that all the pax on the bus (including myself) have lost all respect for bikers?

  4. Karsten says:

    I’m with Chris. If you’re too predictable you become invisible to motorists and may end up in the kerb, or worse. A little flamboyancy equals a safer ride.


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