Auckland Transport Agency Seeks Key people


The search has begun for top executives for Auckland’s new transport agency, which will consolidate the transport - related functions of the existing eight Auckland councils and ARTA.

Three key positions are being advertised.

One of the most important is a chief infrastructure officer, who will develop a “strategic framework” for the delivery of transport infrastructure and services in the Auckland region. “This is a highly strategic leadership role which will ensure ongoing analysis of evolving customer needs and prioritisation of key projects.”

A chief operating officer will be in charge of oversight of transport agency operational functions and resources including contracted services, including procurement and overall service design for public transport; monitoring the performance of the road network; parking services and encvforcement and community services, such as mobility services and civil emergency management plans.

The other position is for a chief finance officer.

The successful applicants will support a yet to be appointed interim chief executive and then, from June 29, 2012 ae new CEO.



  1. Max Robitzsch says:

    Why from 2012 on? Why have an Interim CEO for about two years?

    And who will appoint or demote the chief officers after Mr Rodney Hide withdraws his inspired guidance (okay that will only happen if Auckland freezes over, or once he isn’t minister anymore, but bear with my question!).

  2. rtc says:

    Joyce will presumably decode on the rest of the roles, most of them are for 3 year terms hence the chief being in there until 2012, long enough to fulfil all of Joyce’s road fettishes and remove the current disagreement between Auckland and Wellington.


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