NZTA Includes Pedestrian Safety In Plans


Work has begun  on the installation of a new signalised pedestrian crossing at the junction of Broadway and Clovernook Road ,Newmarket to provide a crossing point midway near the post office between the Great South Rd intersection and 277.

The interesting thing is that it’s being installed as part of the NZTA’s viaduct replacement project.

NZTA’s Tommy Parker explained that the days of “one-dimensional infrastructure projects” are long gone, and the agency takes the opportunity to improve the local environment, including a commitment to improve pedestrian flow and safety.

That’s good news.

Also pleasing to note the other future pedestrian improvements planned for the project. They include a volcanic-themed walkway from Gillies Ave down to Broadway and a replacement of the footbridge over the motorway at Mt Hobson Road.  Work will be done  at night over the next month to minimise disruption.

Now all we need there is a crossing right outside the train station, instead of the present dance we have  to do to make several pedestrian crossings to get across.




  1. rtc says:

    Is there a plan to install a pedestrian crossing there? I am guessing no….

    Also, have you heard why ACC are yet to demolish the two buildings that lead onto station square? They originally planned to do ths but have appeared not to.

  2. Luke says:

    If this is not a one dimensional project, it much be a 1.01 dimensional project now.
    The pedestrian crossingproably makes up far less than 0.5% of the budget.

  3. Max Robitzsch says:

    I work on a nearby project - and I understand the pedestrian signal is not intended to be permanent either.

    Now whether it will BECOME SO, after having been in place for a year or two…

  4. Chris says:

    When-ever I’m faced with these silly pedestrian ‘dances’ I just take the simple way and march right across the natural, normal pedestrian path - though I am naturally cautious about it.

    If enough people do it perhaps the message will get through.


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