This Weekend’s Arrangements


Work on double tracking of the Western Line continues this long Auckland Anniversary weekend, when some train services are replaced with buses.

Work on preparing bridge and tracks for electrification near the Mt Eden station and around the Parnell tunnel are other priorities Eastern Line train services continue as usual.

Buses will run in place of trains on the Southern Line between Otahuhu and Britomart (via Newmarket) Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

On the Western Line, buses will replace trains between Waitakere and Britomart on Saturday  and Monday and between New Lynn and Britomart on Sunday 31 January.

Where buses replace trains, normal train fares will apply for the entire journey and passengers should look out for the Rail Bus signs at affected stations.




  1. Matt L says:

    Any idea on what work is being done or is it just the generic case of closing the line for works as 3 days isn’t really enough time for any major works.

  2. Jon C says:

    @Matt Carrying on from where they left off especially in places mentioned.
    They were doing this at weekends before they had the big intensive 3 week work

  3. Geoff says:

    The tracks and retaining walls at Mt Eden Rd looked complete to me, so I wonder what they have planned? Are sure the work isn’t related to Grafton?

  4. Jon C says:

    @Geoff yes work continues at Grafton and attention returns to Avondale this weekend.


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