Gull Says Motorists Shifting To Biofuel


Gull says December was a record month for biofuel sales -  40% of all Gull petrol now sold has biofuel content.

Gull sells an average of 2% biofuel of total fuel sales by energy content, double the previous government’s biofuels sales obligation.

Gull says that despite the critics, the success of Gull’s biofuels proves that biofuel can be commercially produced and sold here.

To highlight the sales, Gull will lower all biofuel grades by 6c per litre from 7am on tomorrow until 10am Friday.


Gull launched New Zealand’s first biofuel, Gull Force 10, a 98 octane 10 per cent ethanol blend fuel in August 2007. Regular Plus, a 10 per cent 91 Octane blend, followed a year later.  All Gull branded service stations stock Gull Force 10 as the premium grade fuel and eight sites currently sell Regular Plus.

Petrol with a biofuel content sold at Gull Service Stations (based on litres sold)

  • 28% for 2009 calendar year
  • 40% for December 2009

Fuel with a biofuel content sold at Gull Service Stations (based on litres sold)

  • 23% for 2009 calendar year
  • 33% for December 2009

Total fuel sold by Gull in New Zealand with biofuel content (based on litres sold)

  • 21% for 2009 calendar year
  • 29% for December 2009

Biofuel sold as a percentage of total Gull energy sold: (Peta joules of Energy)

  • 1.4% for 2009 calendar year
  • 2.0% for December 2009




  1. Biofuels can never provide enough fuel to replace fossil fuels, and any attempt to do so is just going to destroy the few natural habitats we have left.

  2. Anthony M says:

    unless the biofuel plantations have Geneitic modifications to be able to grow in harsh climate, but, of course, whoever controls the fuel supply controls the world.


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