Proof Rail Works Here (If We Need It!)


Here’s proof to people who say rail won’t work in Auckland.
It’s the ARTA snapshot survey data of passengers - the surveys where for a day they hire people to note who boards and who alights on trains. ARTA says rail patronage has increased by 400% over 12 years - from when trains were completely rundown to where they are now.
ARTA projects the number will double from today by 2016.
This table has the breakdown of Western Line stations on a particular day in 1997, 2003 and 2009. Obviously, there can be significant daily fluctuations in patronage due to weather, day of the week, time of year, and whether or not schools and tertiary institutions are in session.




  1. J says:

    Does this suggest that the opening of the western line out to Helensville has benefitted approximately 25 people? Hopefully there are some extremely significant fluctuations in these figures…

  2. Matt L says:

    Really good to see these figures are increasing however I would say that the 2003 figures are from before Britomart as there are less passengers using the station than Newmarket. Its also not supprising that Sturges, Ranui and Sunnyvale have had such good growth seeing as that is where a lot of the residential growth has been out west (other than massey and westgate which aren’t close to the line).

    The only issue I have is that if anything Sturges Rd is under used. There is a park and ride that can hold 170 cars yet there is often less than 20 in it. This is probably due to the station being an extra stage from Henderson.

  3. joust says:

    the newmarket numbers would be for kingdon st in 2009. were the earlier counts only for western trains there and at Auckland/Britomart?

    just think that when integrated ticketing starts they’ll be getting this info all the time just a few hours after it happens!

  4. Jon C says:

    @joust correct. Hurry up that integrated ticketing!

  5. Luke says:

    those figures prove what a pointless terminus Waitakere is. 20% patronage growth, when the average is 289%! Trains should end at Swanson or go on to Waimamuku/Kumeu. Terminating most trains at Swanson with a service every 2 hours to Waimamuku would probably not cost any more than now but delivery a better service for more people.


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