Right Inside the Parnell Train Tunnel - Photos


Work carries on this weekend around the Parnell train tunnel as buses replace some trains to progress development and preparation for electrification.

I’m fascinated by the old historic tunnel but getting close to the tunnel to see the work is difficult because of the nature of the work being done on the construction site and as there is no close street access. The best we usually get as commuters is as we pass through on a trip to Britomart in the train.
So here’s a treat!

Here are some photos of the work the last few weeks around the tunnel.. My thanks to KiwiRail for their kind help so we can see for ourselves.

Earlier story and photos: Parnell tunnel gets new drainage system




  1. John Dalley says:

    Silly question but are they not using the Parnell route as yet?

  2. Matt L says:

    I noticed this morning that work had started on sealing up the old tunnel again

  3. James Pole says:

    Awesome photos. Wish I could have the opportunity to walk though it! Be a different experience than taking the train through the tunnel! :P

  4. Linz says:

    I live alongside the tracks at Sarawia St, and in about 2001 before there were any Sunday services my kids and I did walk through it a couple of times … but we stopped when we got surprised while in the middle by a steam excursion suddenly appearing at one end!

    The noise was fantastic, and for a moment we could not tell which end the train had entered, because the sound was swirling around.

    Naturally we stopped taking that shortcut from then on …

  5. Jon C says:

    @Linz Great story - and I’m glad you lived to tell the tale!

  6. Max Robitzsch says:

    Interesting John - did you go as part of some open day thing, or has your fame now got you invited all yourself? If so, congrats.

  7. rtc says:

    @Max - I think these photos are from Kiwirail, and the tunnel is back in use but these I am guessing are from the Xmas shut down.

  8. Henderson Kid says:

    @Max Jon (at least get his name right!) famous? Haha, I finally read your about section and big ups for this statement Jon:
    “Unlike some, my aim here is not to be famous and get on the 6pm TV news. This is not about me, not some self-indulgent rant claiming I’m an expert or talking about what I had for breakfast (it’s always muesli with fruit and yoghurt if you care!!). This is about transport, a serious issue that affects all of us every day.”
    Awesome. That’s why your site is so wanker-free. Keep it that way dude.

  9. Jeremy Harris says:

    Cool insight, thanks…


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