Auckland Cyclists Warned About High Tides!


Northwestern motorway cycleway users are being warned about the dangers from an unusual occurrence that is happening around Auckland next week.

And motorists are also being warned.

The rare phenomenon is unusually high tides for the Manukau and Waitemata Harbours.

The transport agency says they have the potential to flood low lying sections of  the Auckland motorway network.

High tides of up to 3.6m are expected first next week, in the first week of February, an occurrence that only happens every six to seven years.

The area considered most likely to be affected is sections of the road and cycleway on the Northwestern Motorway (SH16) between the Patiki Road Interchange and Rosebank Road Bridges.

This section of the Northwestern is being raised as part of the Western Ring Route development to prevent flooding in the future.

An NZTA official says the cycleway in this area will definitely be underwater when the tides peak, but probably not the motorway -  there are contingency plans in place to re-route traffic if necessary.

Its advising  cyclists to make sure they know when high tide occurs and to try and avoid using the cycleway 1.5 hours either side of high tide.

The unusually high tides will occur on the following dates.

  • Tomorrow (Saturday) - Friday 5th February
  • Sunday 28th February – Saturday 6th March
  • Monday 29th March – Saturday 3rd April
  • Tuesday 13th July – Monday 19th July
  • Wednesday 11th August – Sunday 15th August
  • Wednesday 8th September – Monday 13th September
  • Thursday 7th October – Tuesday 12th October
  • Saturday 6th November – Wednesday 10th November




  1. Ingolfson says:

    Tried to find out WHY this was particularly strong every seven years. Found nothing - anybody know? Wikipedia let me down!

  2. Geoff says:

    I remember the last round of this happening, with the water up over the grass parkland around Tahuna Torea reserve. Road-wise it goes over the North Western Motorway and also Tamaki Drive causeway in the low spot just west of the bridge. I think the North Western Motorway also goes under, near the Warehouse head office?


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