Waitakere Stations Get Improvements


Improvements to the pedestrian facilities around Waitakere train stations are planned and will be considered by the council’s infrastructure and Works Committee meeting today.

They were outlined in a report to the Waitakere community board meeting last night, as follows:

Fruitvale Road Station:

Though not an issue the Fruitvale Road Station street lighting upgrade has recently been completed along the roads that link the station on Fruitvale Road and Arawa Street.  The Parks Department has recently completed a project in Mason Park, adjacent to the station, including footpath and lighting improvements and new public toilets, all of which deliver improved accessibility and service to rail customers.

Glen Eden Station :

It is proposed to close the car park exit on Glenview Road due to the substandard sightlines for motorists.  This is a significant safety issue and has no impact on the number of parking spaces.  The exit to West Coast Road would remain.  This closure would enable an improved pedestrian connection between the platform stairs and the footpath to the intersection of Glenview Road and West Coast Road.

This would strongly encourage pedestrians to use the formal pedestrian route instead of walking across the level crossing on the road which is a safety issue for pedestrians, car drivers, and rail users.  It is also proposed to narrow the car park exit on to West Coast Road which is currently 10 metres wide, to reduce the distance it takes pedestrians to cross this exit.

Sunnyvale Station:

It is proposed to provide a pair of pram crossings on the corner of Serwayne Place / Manui Place.  The footpath on the western side of Seymour Road has recently  been extended to Solea Road, giving a formed pedestrian access to the west- bound rail bus stop.

Sturges Road Station:

Sturges Rd Park and ride

A MAXX station name plinth will be installed at the Swanson Road entrance to the station and park and ride.  This will help with raising the profile of the park and ride to the Swanson Road catchment and will help with managing station access during the replacement of the Sturges Road overbridge.

Ranui Station :

It is proposed to upgrade street lighting on Pooks Road and Ranui Station Road which will improve the perceptions of safety for rail customers in the evenings and early mornings, as well as strengthen the connection between the station and the town centre in the hours of darkness.  A MAXX station name plinth will be improve the visibility of the station from Ranui Station Road in the direction heading to the  town centre.

In addition, there will be some tidy up work on Metcalfe Road near the level crossing and the installation of kerb and channel on the north side of Pooks Road.  Previous works at this station included landscaping on the north side of Pooks Road by ARTA, trespass fencing installed by Kiwirail, and the installation of a footpath on the northern side of Pooks Road from the station entrance to Metcalfe Road funded by the Council.

The Council is also working with Kiwirail to remove weeds, and landscaping work on the north side of Pooks Road between the park and ride and Ranui Avenue will be completed.  It is likely that the landscaping work, that will also discourage trespassing, be completed in the next planting season.

Swanson Station :

A MAXX station name plinth sign will be installed at the Swanson Road entrance to the park and ride, and an arts feature will be installed on the new pedestrian overbridge. Waitakere Station: 12. It is proposed to seal and mark the existing informal park and ride on Township Road and provide a formed pedestrian access between Township Road and the station platform.

Swanson's new overbridge

The report repeated the Waitakere City Transport Strategy’s vision for transport in Waitakere as “a sustainable multi-modal transport system that is ntegrated with land use and contributes to Waitakere as an eco city.”  The Council’s strategic direction for transport is very strongly aligned with the upgrade of rail and improving access to railway stations and town centres.




  1. Matt L says:

    I use Sturges Rd station almost every day (although I walk there) and it could definitely do with some more advertising. There are 170 car parks and most days it would be lucky to see 20 cars, which is a real shame. It would also help if it wasn’t an extra stage to town from Henderson.

  2. Ingolfson says:

    Sweet overbridge, Batman!


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