Masterton Train Runs Red Light


The Dominion Post reports that a  train carrying 300 passengers was delayed for more than an hour this morning after a driver  ran a red light.

The report says the driver was then “removed” from his train.

it took “some time” to find another driver and get them to the train and other trains were backed up..

The train was on a Masterton to Wellington service.

Standard procedures are for the Transport Accident Investigation Commission to investigate and the driver to undergo alcohol and drug tests.




  1. joust says:

    It’s good to see the strong commitment to safety in these kind of situations. There are lots of issues with the limited rail travel we have in this country, but accidents thankfully haven’t been one of them.

  2. Jon says:

    When a truck runs a red light why isn’t the driver immediately stood down and a TAIC investigation launched? Oh, that’s right truck drivers do it so often it’s too hard to police.

    Why are we so laissez faire to the trucking industry?

  3. Joshua says:

    Jon - 300-600people put at risk compared to maybe 50 people at most (if a bus got hit by the truck)

    I think there maybe a bit of a difference, but otherwise do agree we are a bit soft on red light runners on roads, part of the problem is also catching them.

  4. joust says:

    Family members of just one of those 50 would say they deserve just as much vigilance as 300 - whether or not its achieved is unfortunately not the same thing.

    The point about the difference in enforcement is well made.

  5. Matt L says:

    Of course buses don’t run red lights either and always obey the road rules. That could be a Tui billboard.

    Personally I have been affected by a train running a red light and it takes forever to sort out. In my case trains were single using a single line while Morningside was being done up and a train in the other direction ran the light. Even though there was a crossover between us we were held up for about 2 hours which made me late for a job interview. In my opinion we could have been let through the area while the investigation took place but sometime I think the authorities are over cautious

  6. Grant says:

    HI Matt L,

    The time consuming part is two things. Firstly, a replacement driver is required. it can take some time to get one to the location where the train is stopped. And secondly, a lot of data has to be captured for an investigation. The trains data recorder has to be downloaded, and possibly other stuff, such as signal and point settings and how far past the signal the train was. It can take a frustrating amount of time, but there is only one chance to get it right. If the signal and point data is required, that can mean its all frozen until that is done, and that in turn can affect other services as they can’t be run though the area.


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