Park Rd Update - Latest Photos


I enjoy exploring the Park Rd / Khyber Pass / Grafton station /rail bridge development because there’s always lots of cranes, big holes and workers running around, giving the impression exciting things are on the way!

Here is the latest view: (A reminder the curved roof building in the very far background in some pictures is the new St Peters College gym being built in Khyber Pass near the Boston Rd station)

This is the view today from the Park Rd to Newmarket side of Park Rd:

And, just to round things up, how the Grafton station side looks on Khyber Pass pointing towards the existing Boston Rd station:




  1. Ingolfson says:

    Wonder if there will be elevatoors for disabled access and so on. Anybody have plans or design schemes for tthe station?

  2. Johans says:

    So they are going to stick with the name of the new station?

    Reminds me of the North Korean metro in Pyongyang where the station names are not related to the location (Presumedly if the enemy invades it will confuse them).

  3. rtc says:

    This area is Grafton, not sure why it’s confusing….

  4. Johans says:

    I would of liked Khyber Pass instead.

  5. Ingolfson says:

    I agree - Grafton is perfectly acceptable. It may be at the edge of Grafton rather than in the centre, but no more so than Newmarket Train Station is at the edge of Newmarket (Remuera starts just east of it).

  6. Andrew says:

    How about “Newmarket West”? ;)


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