Maxx, I Want To Go To /iptis/journeyFunctions.asp, line 45


Memo Maxx: Your revamped website might need a bit of work.
So far, it’s not working well for me.
It’s easy to criticise other websites but one no-brainer golden rule is not to launch or re-launch a site until it’s properly tested and also done some user testing.

So I type in that I want to go from New North Rd to Richmond Rd - the first roads I could think of.
The options come up with a bizarre range of street names or locations starting with A as in ASB and B as in BP stations.
Then as I hold my breath, up comes the answer:
ptisEngineCom error ’80040200′
Error :-32765: Function is Unavailable - Please contact Webmaster
/iptis/journeyFunctions.asp, line 45


We’re sorry, no journeys available match your search criteria.
Either change your preferences or your search locations.

The old site was annoying but at least, once you mastered its quirks,  you knew it worked.

Ask to go to Boston & you'll probably be given a Thai restaurant

This one has gone for the more white space look that is rather fashionable in some quarters - but quite frankly looks rather amateurish in places.

And it’s just failed me twice with the essential information I went there seeking.
To quote Maxx’s branding: Together, we’re going places.

Hmm.. not at this rate.




  1. Jon R says:

    Sure thing. Unlike the Onehunga line, which ARTA are dragging their feet on and not treating seriously the mid year opening…this site was rushed to go live so quick it has turned out to be “a bit of a dog”.

    If ARTA knew what they were doing, the site would be pulled immediately. I am worried as the ATA (to come) this transport body will turn even worse than at present.

    PS ARTA: Show us you are 100% committed to the July opening of the Onehunga line ( 8 months behind original schedule).

  2. ingolfson says:

    Mmmh, it took Boston correctly - gave me Boston Road train station. Then it screwed up when I tried to go to “Auckland CBD” or “Auckland Central”. I then chose Lorne Street in the CBD instead.

    Then it suggested I walk there as the first option (no disagreement with that - I like walking, but most people will discount that option).

    Then I clicked on the second option. It gave me a 5am bus (!), even though I had the “leave after (current time) default setup. All the other six options were also in the 5-6am timeframe.

    So according to Maxx, getting from the Boston Road Train station to Lorne street means walking, or waiting 12 hours.

  3. ingolfson says:

    Sorry, waiting about 17 hours. Not that it matters at that stage.

  4. Phil Hanson says:

    I often travel from Titirangi to the Sylvia Park/Westfield area. Because these trips are usually at different times, I always check with Maxx. Old Maxx used to give me the good old reliable 008 or 009 services from New Lynn; New Maxx today gave me a wonderful range of alternatives including one with a short walk … of only 12km!

  5. Luke says:

    Not sure if if this is a new problem, but I wanted to look at the times of the Waiheke ferries tomorrow.
    So therefore I type in Auckland and Waiheke into the boxes.
    However it doesnt like either of these.
    The site expects a new user to know that ‘Britomart’, is the main trasnport centre and ‘matiatia’ is the name of the wharf where the waiheke ferry goes to.
    Surely this can be fixed, so ‘Auckland Transport Centre’ comes up when you type in Auckland, and ‘Waiheke Wharf’ when you type in Waiheke.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Ask the portal for directions to “Manukau Institute of Technology North Campus” from anywhere in Auckland - it gives you directions sure enough. Now change the arive before or leave after. MIT becomes AUT’s North Shore Campus. What the…?


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