Queens Wharf: Here We Go Again


Here we go again.

Another attempt is being made to do something for Queens Wharf. Let’s hope we don’t go through another round of what we went through before.

This time there seems to be two revised design options: turning the horrible old hundred year old shed into a booze ban for drunk rugby fans during the RWC and providing for a cruise ship terminal on the wharf.

Let’s hope somewhere in there is the chance to actually open up the wharf and provide a place Aucklanders can wander around and enjoy.

Auckland does need a better first-look for those arriving on cruise ships and it’s a growing industry, despite the odd horror story about what happens on board some of them. Auckland is expecting 60 cruise ship visits this season – including the Queen Mary II – and 71 next season.  February is the busiest month.  Seven cruise ships will visit Auckland this week – on three of those days two cruise ships will be in at the same time.  Last week there were three cruise ships in Auckland at once.

Behind the scenes discussions between the Auckland Transition Agency and Auckland mayors has come up with  new design, to be released publicly in the next day or two.

While Auckland Mayor John Banks quite sensibly suggests caution to tread slowly so we get it right, ARC’s Mike Lee says :“While earlier designs were disappointing, I am confident the latest design options for Queens Wharf have considerable potential to match this superb location.”

But he adds: “We need to look carefully at the cost and ensure what is built provides value for money in the long run.”

Taken from Queens Wharf, first view of the city

He says the cruise ship option is critical. “Research shows without question just how important the cruise ship industry is.  It would be silly to allow petty politics and political campaigning to delay Auckland having a welcoming, world-class cruise ship terminal that would enable the city and country to take full advantage of growth in the industry and tourist dollars.

“What is clear is that doing nothing on Queens Wharf is not an option.”

Well, let’s just hope that this time, there is not some mad deadline which sees bad decisions being made for the sake of getting something in place for the RWC.

We all can see the consequences of bad short-term planning around Auckland.


Why does Wellington get it right?

Time for a re-think on the wharf

Shouldn’t we look at overseas projects like San Francisco’s Fishermans Wharf?

Pictures from Queens Wharf open day





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