13 Cycle Trails Picked - Auckland Misses Out


13 cycle trails got the nod today to go through to feasibility studies for inclusion in the  New Zealand Cycle Trail project – but none of them in Auckland made it.

Waiheke, Great Barrier and the Far North were among the areas hoping for funding.  Winners were:

  • Tauranga Moana Coastal Cycle Trail (Tauranga)
  • Old Motu Coach Road (Opotiki/Gisborne)
  • Thermal by Bike (Rotorua)
  • Lake Track (Taupo)
  • Mountains to Sea Cycleway – link (Ruapehu)
  • Heretaunga Ararua: Land of a Hundred Pathways (Hawkes Bay)
  • Dun Mountain and Tasman Cycle Loop (Nelson/Tasman)
  • Old Ghost Road (West Coast)
  • Westland Wilderness Trail (Greymouth)
  • Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail (Mt Cook)
  • The Wakatipu Trail (Queenstown)
  • Roxburgh Gorge Trail (Central Otago)
  • Clutha Gold Trail (Otago)

54 applications applied for funding. The successful applicants will now have a  feasibility study carried out where the vision proposed in the concept plans will be priced and checked to ensure they can be built and that they will deliver what they promise.

The programme manager, John Dunn, said the calibre of all the applications was very high which made the group’s job of short-listing incredibly difficult.

“Nonetheless, with a limited funding pool of $50 million dollars, prioritising the trails was important and has meant that the ones going through to feasibility are “simply superior in every way”.

Regarding the unsuccessful applicants, Mr Dunn says the group was particularly keen that the considerable investment made by the communities in their proposals was not lost. He says many of the trails deserve to be built and encouraged the applicants to explore other funding mechanisms and options to support their vision.

The feasibility study is expected to be completed by May 31 and it is hoped that construction could begin by the end of the year.

To this end, applicants will be encouraged to work alongside their regional Ministry of Social Development offices to ensure young, unemployed  can join the work force to help construct these trails.

The prime minister said if all 13 trails proceed through to construction they will, along with the previously-announced Quick Start trails. provide a network of around 2,000 kilometres of iconic rides.

“These thirteen projects are outstanding. They encapsulate the spirit of the Cycle Trail vision and will allow visitors and New Zealanders to experience some of the most stunning off-road scenery this country has to offer,” said John Key.

Green’s Kevin Hague noted that there were many terrific proposals and it would be great to fund them all.

“We hope that in the future many more of these can also form part of the network.

“The Prime Minister and I have previously acknowledged that links into and around towns and cities will need to be part of the network. While none of these are in this round, I’m confident they will be in the future.

“These links also have the potential to add thousands of additional kilometres and substantial benefits to Nga Haerenga with relatively little extra cost.”



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    Where can we find information on the 13 new trails?


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