Govt Releases Queens Wharf Designs - $23m Or $97M?


The Government has just issued its four potential development options for Queens Wharf.

They range from $23m to $97m.

The first three designs are short term options, developed with a focus on preparing Queens Wharf for the RWC celebrations.

  • Option one to remove existing sheds and create a temporary village to host the RWC would cost $23.9m.

  • Option 2 to undertake minimal refurbishment of the sheds to provide usable covered spaces for the RWC would cost $27.7m.

  • Option 3, involving significant refurbishment of sheds with a focus on retaining one or both of the sheds for the RWC would cost  $31.3m. They were commissioned by the Queens Wharf Joint Sponsors Group, comprised of officials from ARC, ACC and MED, and produced by the ACC major events team.

  • Option four is the $97m proposal for the building of a cruise ship terminal and public open space, to be completed in time for Rugby World Cup 2011.  It was developed as an entry into the design competition run in late 2009, and refined further for the Sponsors Group in this year.
  • What do you think?
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  1. nzbcfanboi says:

    Option 4 looks nice I’d say we’d be getting it right if we go for it

  2. Brent C says:

    I like how option 4 has gives access to the water through stairs and has walkways spuring off the wharf, maybe they could be added to option 2-3

    I wonder if the Government will fund future waterfront developments in Wellington? I hope the development of the outer T can be completed in time for the RWC also

  3. Cam says:

    I actually really like option 4. Good to see it from a couple of angles.

  4. rtc says:

    The government is not funding this upgrade - they will underwrite a loan to the council which will then be transferred to the super city. This could easily become a chain around Auckland’s neck if pushed through.

  5. BA says:

    same old same old

    the first three options look like something from an elementary school

    the last option…hmm…

    the building structure lacks the sense of permanence! they seem to have gone too far with the tacky pacifica theme with the poles in front
    all looks like the frame of an inbuilt house
    all in all…mediocre

  6. BA says:

    unbuilt not inbuilt

  7. curtissd says:

    I would like to see the cheapest option to create a useable space for the RWC, or do the complete thing. There’s no point spending much money on it if it is going to be changed again.

  8. Luke says:

    Option 4 does look cool, however I think things need to be looked at from a whole of waterfront approach. It could be built at any of the other waterfront sites. There is no point duplicating facilities that could work better elsewhere, and destroying the unique nature of the site in the process.
    I would like to keep at least one of the sheds, because they are a unique historical feature on the waterfront. There are plenty of sites for fancy modern buildings on the waterfront. The viaduct/tank farm are/will be full of fancy new buildings so would be nice to keep the Britomart/Queens wharf area as more a heritage precinct.

  9. Kelvin says:

    Nicely put Luke. Option one isn’t too bad, but yes four is the one that could likely win Auckland some coverage on the world stage. It looks like it is designed by an Architects not as BA mentioned a school.
    As good as Abu Dhabi perhaps? Speaking of which have any of the architectural big guns like Foster and Partner or Zaha Hadid had any work built in NZ? I came across an amazing tree house restaurant (online) the other day to the north of Auckland - if that had been in Albert Park or more central it would have been a big pull for the city. Still, sorry to go off topic there but anyway things definately looking positive for things future. Still a pity they couldn’t get Maori language on the train station signage though.

  10. Roger says:

    I say go for the lowest cost option! Get the RWC out of the way and then spend a proper amount of time designing something we can be proud of. We have a sad history of spending large sums of money at relatively short notice. The waterfront is far too precious to have anything resembling tarted-up cargo sheds!

    Time I went for a coffee now to calm down.


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