Bike Is “Fastest” Transport (Updated)


The results are in.

This morning  at rushhour in Auckland, cyclists, car drivers and bus users raced from four directions of the city to the Auckland Viaduct.

The Urgent Couriers- sponsored race was to answer the question: Which mode of transport will get Aucklanders to work the quickest?

And the bikes were a clear winner. Again.

Except for the Shore - the bus won as the bike was help up on the ferry.

Historically cyclists have proved to be the quickest from all areas except from Birkenhead because the cyclist was slowed down by the ferry ride.

This year’s race -the third- started at 7:15am from the four points: Birkenhead, Mt Roskill, New Lynn and Ellerslie. .


North Bus – 07:38am 23 mins
North Bike – 07:48am 33 mins
North Car – 07:49am 34 mins

South Bike – 07:31am 16 mins
South Car – 07:33am 18 mins
South Bus - 07:42am 27 mins

Bike – 07:38am 23 mins
Car – 07:42:am 27 mins
Bus – 07:49am 34 mins
West Bike – 07:46am 31 mins
5012 West Car – 07:47am 32 mins
5011 West Bus – 08:01am 46 mins

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  1. Luke says:

    The viaduct is not that easy to get to by direct PT. Except from the north requires a 10min plus walk from Britomart.


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