Onewa Rd Gets Shared Cycle Path & Transit Lane


Work on creating a new transit lane and extending the Share with Care path (shared cycle path and footpath) in Onewa Rd starts on Monday.

This is the second and final section of Onewa Road between Lake Road and Sylvan Avenue .

The transit lane will be a continuation of the existing lane along Onewa Road to the west of Lake Road, while the shared cycle path will be built along the northern side of Onewa Road from Queen Street down towards the Onepoto Shared Use Bridge.

The aim of the path is to provide an off-road route for people, and especially school children, that may not feel safe or confident cycling along the main road. The project will also deliver a flush median along the centre of the road making it safer and easier for residents entering or exiting their properties.

There will also be new street lighting and improved traffic signals at main intersections. The undergrounding of overhead power and phone lines as part of the plan to improve the safety and aesthetics of this important road.

Onewa Road will be reduced to one lane in each direction where the work is taking place, so motorists can expect some delays during peak traffic times.

The work which will be undertaken by Transfield Services Ltd is expected to take about nine months to complete and will be carried out in phases to minimise disruption to residents and road users.




  1. Max says:

    Mmmmh, always sceptical about shared paths on one side of the road only. They are, on average NOT safe. So sending your kid along it may give you some peace of mind, but you are actually risking its life, because drivers do not expect cyclists to cross the side roads “against” the normal direction.

    At least there are few side roads here.

  2. jarbury says:

    Ha. Onewa Road is always a mess traffic-wise (the busiest two lane road in Auckland I suspect) so cutting down its lanes will be a nightmare.

    At least it’ll fix the stupidity of it going (in the morning peak) from two lanes to one lane and back to two lanes.


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