Train Bike Lockers That Work


Pleasing to see these New Lynn transport centre cycle lockers, provided by the council, are so easy to work, without a whole lot of administrative paperwork needed.

They are effectively park n ride.

Unlike the ones at some other train stations, you don’t have to approach any authority to apply for three months or so hire.
These are the Manukau ones, provided by ARTA, with terms and conditions and you have to approach the council to secure a slot

These are the New Lynn ones, which is simple and just like using a gym locker.

You provide your own padlock and put the bike inside. And there’s plenty of space.

The only issue is that it would be good to see more. Half a dozen won’t be enough.

James, who posted last week about his trip on Wellington trains, spotted these circular racks at stations:




  1. Su Yin says:

    Thanks for the photos! Have always been curious about what they look like inside. I can’t see it anywhere but do you have to pay a fee to use the New Lynn ones?

    The Ferry Building has a bike tree sort of rack too but not nearly enough space.

    I’ve rarely ever see these suspended options in bike nations such as Japan, Denmark or the Netherlands. It feels a bit counter-intuitive.

  2. Darren Davis says:

    The New Lynn lockers are free - apart from the cost of the padlock. However, the existing bus terminal is disappearing to be replaced with one that is fully integrated with the railway station under construction. This will include a bike storage area with significantly more capacity than the current bike lockers.

  3. Max says:

    What prevents me from locking one closed while I am not using it?

    After all, if ten people who cycle once every week lock up the things, where is the bonus for others?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like this. Just trying to out-think the system so others don’t.

  4. Paul says:


    Yip, my thoughts too, All locked up 24/7

  5. joust says:

    they’ve obviously been there (at New Lynn) for awhile and the ones that I’ve seen didn’t have any locks on them. So perhaps they’re not being used much on a weekend awhile ago when I was there. There don’t seem to be any left locked afterwards. If the lockers were more popular/sought after selfish people might start doing that but seems fine at the moment. I remember there being open lockers under the western-end stairs at Britomart’s platform level along with a couple of baggage trolleys, can anyone confirm if they’re still there? Those could potentially suffer the same problem I suppose.


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