New Lynn Train Station About To Move Underground


An exciting development this coming weekend  for New Lynn’s new transport hub, opening about September

From today week, a temporary station will be in place inside the trench and trains will be operating on a single track. The second track will be laid about June.

From this Friday, over the weekend, workers will be toiling 24 hours day in the rail trench to remove part of the present temporary platform and prepare for the new rail to be laid on one side of the trench.

During that weekend, no trains will run through New Lynn.

The trench will see the train removed from the road for the first time, making it easiier for motorists to move around the area, which has been heavily disrupted for many months.

Cars and pedestrians will get across the trench using four bridges  - two existing and two brand new.

New Lynn residents should also notice less noise from the trains as they descend into the trench.

From Monday morning (March 1), access to the new train platform will be from new stairs at hetana Street and stairs and a temporary lift at Memorial Drive.

Construction in the trench will continue but separated from the temporary station by a barrier wall.

New transport hub emerges
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  1. John Dalley says:

    I was looking at the Portage Rd crossing yesterday afternoon and it is going to be great. Portage Rd will drop down at least two meters from it’s current level once the road is fully re-aligned.

  2. Commuter says:

    Unfortunately, even with the track going into the trench, there will be no performance improvement on the western line until September (notwithstanding today’s fare rises). Due to KiwiRail’s decision not to put a crossover between Avondale and New Lynn and notwithstanding the fact that a double track has been laid between St Jude Street and Portage Road, the western line in effect remains a single track between Avondale and Fruitvale. So, as commuters, we just have to go on suffering an increasingly tardy service until September. A splendid example of KiwiRail’s disdain for Auckland commuters, an excellent case study of the disconnection between KiwiRail and ARTA and a wonderful way of putting potential passengers off rail altogether.

  3. Matt L says:

    Commuter - I think the second track will open at around June but they will still be working on the station building at ground level until September when the official opening is. Only a couple more months now :-)

  4. joust says:

    the temporary station looks pretty substantial and ready to handle tracks on both sides in the next few months

  5. urbanlocal says:

    Yes - There is really no temporary station, just half of the future station.

    In respect to Commuter’s comment, a double track will not be feasble through the future Avondale Station as a safe work site will need to be maintained while construction continues which looks to be completed around June?

  6. Andrew says:

    @Commuter: Remember when it was single track all the way from Avondale to Henderson? The delays back then were worse than they are today, even with double the number of trains running now (weekdays) compared to then.

    While I understand your frustration, things are moving … it *will* be double track from Newmrket to Swanson this year!

    IIRC, during the initial double tracking plan back in 2004 when they’d just begun Boston Rd to Morningside, there was talk of not upgrading Avondale-New Lynn and Newmarket-Boston Rd as they were too hard and too expensive.

  7. Angela says:

    Commuter is a total whinger who I suspect will love the new station and the fantastic improvement to services but will never admit it. Bouquets to the team working at New Lynn!


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