‘Train fault” Mars Monday Morning


A train breakdown at Glen Eden caused the usual chaos on the Western Line from 8am this morning, the first day of the train fare increase.
Train services were held up by around half an hour and many people at the station I was at, started drifting away – especially as the first train eventually through was packed to the gills and was an express to Newmarket only. Not a good look for a Monday –and once again information at the stations was minimal.

Some days you feel nothing is working when it comes to trains

We heard just one announcement of a “train fault” which didn’t give any clues as to when people would get to work or school.




  1. Matt L says:

    I was on the express train this morning that broke down. It happened almost as soon as it left Sunnyvale and we crawled for a bit before stopping half way to Glen Eden. We then had to wait for quite a bit for the following train to come and give us a push.

    When we finally got to Glen Eden Chaos ensued with people being told it was all stops then express, then all stops and express again. Something similar happened at Fruitvale where the train had to stop twice so both trains could let passengers off.

    We then had brief stops at New Lynn (didn’t open the doors) and before Avondale (to give the one working engine a rest after the hill I think). We stopped at Mt Albert to let some school kids off before expressing into Newmarket.

    At Newmarket we had to change trains and wait for another one into town. All up I was about 1 hour late to work, good start to the week and new fares

  2. Jon says:

    And I was 24 minutes late to work today…because of the traffic. Oh well, goes unreported as we all accept traffic chaos.

    Not saying a train break down should be condoned, but if there was a website devoted to traffic jams(and there isn’t) I guess we’d all be on it daily complaining, or would we?

    There will be more signal and train failures until the system is upgraded and new rolling stock running. We, unfortunately, have to accept that as it has been so run down over fifty years.

    After 2014 I look forward to not reading about failures on the Auckland (or Wellington) network!

  3. Matt L says:

    Jon - I agree, I’m looking forward to better reliability which will in turn increase patronage

  4. Greg says:

    From the Herald article:

    - She did not know how many people had been affected, but it was a “standard fault” and caused delays of about half an hour, Ms Hunter said.

    I suppose that a standard fault is one that occurs in normal operation. It certainly seems like it.

  5. William M says:

    “standard fault” — ARTA’s standard strategy to dump and run!

  6. Johans says:

    I saw that train as it crossed St Jude street - the second driver had his head out the window as it proceeded towards Avondale.


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