Wellington Gets Lane Control Signs


Wellington motorists are to follow Auckland is having electronic ‘Lane Control Signs’ on their motorways.

The signs go up in the capital on SH1 from the Terrace Tunnel in Wellington city to Ngauranga Gorge  next month.

Mounted on gantries and bridges straddling the motorway, the signs will display symbols to inform motorists of lane closures and revised speed limits.



  1. Jon says:

    And just how amazing they have turned out for Auckland, $54 million dollars later!

    They operate when there is hardly any traffic. They operate when the traffic is so heavy they make no difference but push all on ramp bound traffic to jam up the city streets.

    They failed around the world, they have not been an overwhelming succes in Auckland…and now the super intelligent folk at the NZ Transport Agency will spring these on the Wellington motorists for millions and millions of dollars. Lucky them.

    In other news, the main north railway line from Taranaki to Auckland is closed because $15 million can not be found to re-open it after a derailment.

  2. Matt says:

    Jon - these sound like the signals and message boards you see on the motorways themselves rather than the ramp signals you are refering to e.g. The signs that say what lanes of the harbour bridge are open

  3. Jon C says:

    @Jon @Matt They aren’t those ridiculous onramp signs -that are a waste of money scandal.
    As Matt says they’re just those overhead signs where they can also put short messages to provide information about incidents such as crashes, adverse driving conditions or congestion, and to suggest alternative routes when appropriate.
    I’m amazed Wellington never had them until now.

  4. Kegan says:

    @ Jon C
    Wellington has had these sorts of signs for a while - between J’ville & Ngauranga. The current project extends this through to the Terrace Tunnel.


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