Hobsonville Motorway Half-Finished: - Photos


The half-finished Hobsonville motorway was open to the public for a few hours to walk and cycle.

The route spanned 6.3km of the new motorway from Clarks Lane footbridge continuing to Trig Road Bridge, SH16/SH18 flyover and then onto Brigham Creek Road/SH16.

The six kilometre, four-lane Hobsonville motorway is the last section of the new SH18 to be completed and will connect to the Upper Harbour Bridges and Greenhithe motorway at the eastern end and the Northwestern Motorway at the western end.

Many thanks to the reader who these fascinating photos and thanks for allowing them to be shared with us here - and you can view more of them here on flickr




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    That footbridge looks exactly the same as the supports of the one being built in Onehunga, I think they are going to paint that one red…

  2. Matt L says:

    I like the new cable stayed bridges built here and on SH20, at least they have some character to them rather than the boring concrete slabs we used to build.

  3. Megan Page says:

    The boys and I had the chance to cycle the motorway on the open day. It was good fun and great to see so may cyclists out there joining in from small kids on fairy bikes to them more serious and others just having a blast.Well run day, thanks


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