Freight Train Tries Out New Lynn’s Rail Underground - Photos & Video


Tonight, the first ever freight train to use New Lynn’s new underground rail trench and station passed through the station, heading north.

Here’s a video of the freight train passing through the rail trench:

The freight train run, was just under 11 hours before tomorrrow’s resumption of commuter train services between Britomart and New Lynn, using a temporary underground New Lynn station at Hetana Street.

The train went right through the new underground station without stopping and headed in the sunset, heading north to Whangarei, which it will reach in the wee small hours.

Late yesterday afternoon, a commuter train, without passengers, tried out the new underground system at the New Lynn train station - going under the Clark St / Rankin Ave intersection to pop out in the rail trench on the other side. (photos/ video here)

Meanwhile, Ontrack staff expect to be working right through the night to make sure all the signals and other systems are right for tomorrow morning’s first commuter train which will pass Britomart-bound through New Lynn at 6am.


First train takes test run - Photos / Video
New Lynn’s new temporary train station almost ready – Photos

Construction of new station continues – Photos
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  1. Olivia says:

    Wow, they got that last part of the track finished fast, it wasn’t done when I went past on Friday afternoon.

    Can’t wait to ride through this tomorrow.

  2. Paul says:

    Where’s the freight bypass, or is that just jumpng the gun, looks good


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