New Lynn’s Underground Platform In Use This Morning -Photos


New Lynn’s new temporary train station is in operation this morning.
It’s proving to be a novelty for both commuters who are having to find their way to the new site - and train staff, who haven’t seen it before.

To pass the time waiting for a train, there are the specially commissioned murals on the wall.

Art work on the underground walls commissioned by the council

It’s confusing having only on track as some people on the platform didn’t seem to know which direction they were wanting to head when a train arrived.

Temporary station as seen above ground -Photos

Construction continues - Photos



  1. Anne says:

    It was actually kind of thrilling to sail right through to New Lynn this morning!

  2. rtc says:

    Why are the platforms so low in these photos? Almost look like they are at track level?

  3. max says:

    Seems to me like an optiocal illusion. If you look closely, the two rails are actually in the picture in a way that the left rail is almost hidden by the platform. This makes it look like the right rail is actually the left rail, and the whole track sits further away.


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