Transport Minister Rides First New Lynn Underground Train Service - Photos


Transport Minister chose a side seat, Labour's David Cunliffe(left)

A VIP commuter train this morning to mark the official opening of the New Lynn rail trench.

Thinks: After this trip, I'm going to scrap trains, build more roads!

Included on board: Transport Minister Steven Joyce , KiwiRail Chair Jim Bolger, Auckland Mayor John Banks, Auckland Transition Agency chair Mark Ford, Eden Park trust Board trustee Rob Fisher and Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey.

Banksy seems lost in thought

The who’s who of local politics were among special travellers early this morning on the first commuter train into New Lynn’s new temporary underground train station.

KiwiRail Chair, former PM, Jim Bolger had a window seat

If any of the above have not taken an Auckland train before, they experienced a fair example of the service. It was a painfully slow trip from Henderson to the new temporary New Lynn station as this was the first official train through the trench and no-one was taking any chances. There were however delays during the morning rush hour. (Wellington also had delays again this morning).

New Lynn Labour MP David Cunliffe has reason to be happy

A band played as the dignitaries left the train at the New Lynn station, and the minister quickly cut a red ribbon across the exit staircase and declared ‘the New Lynn station” open. They then had breakfast at the New Lynn RSA down the road.

Auckland Transition Agency CEO Mark Ford seemed to like the trains

This is only a temporary station while construction of the station and the finishing of the rail trench continues.

An interesting visitor from Hawkes Bay who sat next to John Banks

The station has only one track, and the final double-tracked terminal should be ready late August for an opening in September.

New Lynn commuters seem more dressed up than usual this morning!


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  1. Cambennett says:

    Gee Joyce looks really stoked to be there.

  2. Matt L says:

    Cambennett - The early start probably doesn’t help things much.

    My trip through the trench went well without any issues and the parts of the station that are completed look good. I can’t wait till the time the other track is completed.

    Unfortunately as is the case with Auckland’s rail network there was a points failure in Sandringham that lead to delays and services being cancelled. It seems to do this every time we get something to celebrate

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    The Hypocrite Express…


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