Videos - Southwestern Motorway Bridge Span Lift


Here are videos of the main span of the new and spectacular Beachcroft foot bridge over the Southwestern Motorway being lifted overnight into place.

The videos are a little dark because of the fact it was in the middle of the night and only a full moon for light unless you were on the actual motorway. But I have decided to load them because the operation, which went so smoothly, was so amazing and has caused so much interest here on the site today with calls for more . (Earlier PHOTOS are here)

First up: the crane and trucks and workmen arrive and the motorway barriers get taken away:

The bridge span gets prepared:

And in the middle of the night, looking like some close encounter with a giant blue UFO descending over Onehunga, the lift takes place.

It was all over in a matter of a minute or so after all the preceding hours of preparation at the scene. The chatter in the video is from excited locals who had gathered to watch!





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