Opposition To New Transport Agency Mounts


Labour today challenged the prime minister to explain why an Auckland Transport body is taking over the running of Auckland transport matters when opposition against it is so strong.

And it’s hard to find any voices for support at the public submissions on the third super city bill, including conservative business and local body voices.

Labour MP Phil Twyford picked up on this point today, saying  most of Auckland’s mayors have argued against it, ARC chairman Mike Lee says a commercial structure isn’t appropriate and said the Auckland Chamber of Comerce CEO Michael Barnett says an unaccountable unelected commercial structure for transport is unacceptable.

“Government officials from Treasury, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Environment, and the Department of Internal Affairs’ local government unit, all advised the Government against setting up transport as a stand-alone commercial entity.”

He said transport is the big thing Aucklanders want to see progress on but if it’s run by an arms length corporate, it will  be that much harder for Aucklanders to hold accountable their elected representatives for the improvements they want.

“The Government’s super city model takes all transport decision making out of the hands of elected representatives and gives it to hand-picked appointees who can run the whole business behind the veil of commercial secrecy. No agendas or minutes published, and no open meetings.”

Local boards elected by the people won’t be able to paint a yellow line down the side of the road. And yet the Government’s unelected transport agency will be able to make by-laws without any regard to the elected Auckland Council.”




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    It is a true meter of National’s and ACT’s intentions if this isn’t changed…

  2. Cambennett says:

    surely with the opposition to this they well relent and make changes?

  3. max says:

    I don’t expect it. They are well and truly set on this, seeing it as their do or die moment.


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