Cute Words, So Why the Cuts?


Auckland City’s released its draft annual plan and is estimating 65 million trips will be taken on public transport between this coming July and July next year.
The plan is full of sustainable type buzz words about how committed it is to transport but does the budget actually match the words?

The plans goes over the top with its fashionable buzz words about how committed it is to providing us with wonderful transport options….

“a range of options for getting around the city, whether by bus, rail, ferry, bicycle, foot or car, and that it is easy, safe, convenient and affordable to do so….

In particular, a sustainable transport network that is convenient for business, enables people to get around safely and efficiently, and minimises damaging effects on the environment. Under this strategy, we will continue our work with a number of transport agencies to advocate for the best transport solutions for Aucklanders. We will improve areas of safety concern and work with schools to develop school safety initiatives. We will upgrade existing roads and improve the quality of footpaths. Cycleways and walkways will provide more options for getting around. Our management of parking will keep traffic flowing and provide safe and convenient parking options.”

So let’s look at two of those areas.

Unless my basic accounting reading is wrong, the plan actually cuts the proposed cycleway, walking and school safety improvements.
Under “Cycleway and walkway improvements, there is a reduction by 0.5 million from 1.5 million in the coming year.

Safety around schools programme is also cut by 1 million out of 3.

So nice feel-good words but, read the fine print and when it comes to the crunch, the poor old cyclist and walkers get cut out.  What a surprise.

Make sure you tell the council what you think of how their actions match their words.

Draft plan here (transport starts around page 100)

NB: Due to the transition to Auckland Council on 1 November, this plan only covers 1 July to 31 October 2010.

Tell the council what you think:




  1. ingolfson says:

    Reading the fine print, the cycling / walking cuts are (percentage-wise), 10 times (!) the size of the total transport budget cuts, which is almost untouched (30% cuts vs 3% cuts).


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